Extending your home will add value and comfort to your property. It is worth getting it right and taking good professional advice.  

Rear single storey extensions over 40 square metres require planning permission with the limit to include any previous extensions. Extensions should comply with the Building Regulations and Planning Laws. You should consult with an Architect/Engineer whose certificate will be required in any future sale of the property. Another important issue that comes up with extensions are party walls. Usually the walls and fences dividing properties are party walls ie. owned by both parties. Consent of your neighbour should be obtained for moving a party wall or for building on a party wall, preferably this should be in writing. Another difficulty that can occur is building on land that you assumed you owned,  if in doubt the legal title should be checked. In many instances extensions will be financed with a re-mortgage which will take the form of a letter of loan offer which will have conditions in it including the possibility of stage payments. It is important that all the financial aspects are dealt with prior to commencing the building works.

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